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  • Canada Updates :- Canada plans to welcome 900,000 international students by 2023, with India as the top source country. This is an increase from the current target of 600,000 international students. The government is targeting India because it is the largest source of international students for Canada.
  • Australia Updates :- The Australian government has announced that it is streamlining the visa processing system for international students. This means that students can expect their visas to be processed more quickly. Moreover, The Australian government has increased the number of scholarships available to international students. The new scholarships are worth up to AUD$20,000 each.


Personalised Course Guidance

Utilizing cutting-edge AI technology and premier university platforms, we meticulously evaluate each student’s profile. Our approach ensures a tailored understanding of every individual student’s strengths and potential, offering a personalized insight into their unique academic journey.

Finance Management

Blue Horse Immigration Services prioritizes tailored financial guidance for smooth visa processes. Our elite financial team is versed in diverse aid options, from scholarships to overseas funding needs. Trust us to navigate and align with your unique financial blueprint.

Tourist Visa

We excel in tourist visa services, tailoring our approach based on individual client profiles. By understanding each client’s travel intentions and return plans, we harness our expertise to maximize the likelihood of a successful visa grant.

Test Preparation

We’re official partners with Pearson Test of English and IDP. Using advanced classroom technology, we offer 6-day weekly software access, precise electronic mock test scores, and an up-to-date syllabus. Our dedication to excellence is reflected in our track record, with over 3,500 successful IELTS/PTE results to date.

Permanent Residence

At our firm, we are committed to offering top-notch Global Resettlement Services, tailored to the specific needs and goals of our clients. Upholding legal standards is at the heart of our mission, and our team boasts in-depth knowledge of immigration regulations.

Dependant Visa

To help bring families together, we provide dedicated dependent visa services. These visas are designed to facilitate your immediate family’s move abroad, emphasizing your financial capacity. We’re here to guide you seamlessly through this process.


Profile Evaluation
We guide you to the perfect course and institution, Aligned seamlessly with your ambitions as per your profile.
Document Scrutiny
We meticulously examine each document, aligning them with your unique profile and ensuring precision before final submissions.
Triple Check File Submission
After 2-3 meticulous document reviews, we proceed with Visa Processing, maximizing your visa probability of a successful visa grant.

Need Financial

Navigate Your Financial Journey in Confidence with Blue Horse Education’s Tailored Visa Financial Strategies

Free Demo Class

Experience our learning space with a free demo class, instilling confidence and a promise for improved scores

Embassy Interviews Preparation

Experience our 3-week course: a tailored simulation for mastering even the toughest embassy interviews

Career Counseling

Drawing on 7 years of expertise, we blend AI with premier university insights to craft your personalized career guidance

Overseas Consulting

From our Australian hub, we navigate immigration with lasting client bonds. Our expansive network provides post-departure guidance worldwide



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